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Made for Mini Jam 36 in under 72 hours, Turnip Game is a bullet hell shooter.

An evil Mushroom monstrosity is terrorizing the farmland. Flying turnip soldier Pinny has been sent to eradicate it, bringing only an endless supply of seeds and his trusty bomb.

Defeat the Mushroom Monster on any of the 3 difficulty levels (Baby Turnip, Normal and Insane) to win the game!

But don't count your turnips before they grow because Turnip Game is no cakewalk...


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Turnip Game v2.zip 6 MB
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Here's my gameplay critique of Turnip Game!

I was kind of dreading playing this one once I read the description, as difficult bullet hell games aren't really my thing... 😅

But! I really loved this game! I didn't end up having too much trouble finishing it normally; the game is really nice and solid! Very nice animations, lot of personality and character. I really like the style and color palette. The bullet patterns are very cool, well-telegraphed. The whole game felt fair.

I couldn't really read the UI on the left-side to watch my score or my bomb readiness and understand what it was communicating, because I was too focused on trying not to die from the constant barrage of bullets. There could be more lulls in action, giving potentially better pacing with hills and valleys to accentuate the impact of those hilly peaks as we discussed before, but I actually think the solution here would be to better design this information into the game itself so the sidebar is completely unnecessary/optional. Namely, I think the bomb's charge progress and readiness should be reflected directly on the player character sprite. A simple animation of a circle filling up a circle in the center of the player spaceship, changing to a different color and emitting some simple particle effect when fully charged, etc. If the information could be communicated visually without words, and without asking the player to look in two places at once, it would be greatly improved. There's still more work that could be done from there, but that's a good start.

Overall, this game is really excellent. I rather like it.

I have videos coming on your other games soon. Thanks!